Classic Physique Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for the ideal classic aesthetic appearance distinguished by a smaller waist yet still displaying muscular size, balance and symmetry with focus on definition and condition. Body condition and total package should represent a pleasing physique.
Classic physique is more aesthetic looking. Not as hard as open bodybuilding. Smaller waist emphasis on symmetry. Defined physique with minimum vascularity and striations.
In this class balance is more important than freaky muscle


  • A series of quarter turns to display balance and symmetry , posing should be flexed and semi relaxed so symmetry is not thrown off.
  • Each competitor will wear a classic physique posing suit which best displays their individual physique.
  • Each competitor will perform 6 mandatory poses  and one favorite classic pose in this order:
  • For night routine the competitors will perfrom a 60 second individual posing routine to their choice of music.

Suits -  Plain, opaque solid color fabric can be spandex. No advertising or endorsements except that small manufacturer logos such as Nike, Under Armour, etc. Standard Bodbuilding Posing suits can be used.


Front Double Biceps
Contestant should face judges. A variation of closed fist or open hand is permitted. Legs are allowed to be off centered from each other.

Side Chest Pose
Contestant will turn to the side and choose their favorite side pose with face turned toword judges. Contestant should stand on foot farthest from the stage with front leg bent to show the calf and leg biceps. The front arm should be bent at approximately 90-degrees with the rear hand gripping at the wrist or fists touching. The chest should be lifted and the abdominals pulled in tightly.

Rear Double Biceps
Contestant should face the rear. This pose is exactly as the frontal version except that the contestant must bring the leg of choice toward the judges and "spike" the foot to show calf and leg biceps development. Contestants should not lean excessively toward the rear of the stage, nor lean backwards too far toward the judges.

Overhead Abdominal Pose
The contestant must stand facing the judges with one leg extended slightly forward, and with hands clasped behind the neck. The abdominals must be fully flexed, with air expelled, with the legs and chest also tight.

Optional Poses
Favorite Classic Pose